One of the reasons losing weight is so hard is that we find it hard to stick to our new diet plans. In this article, Beauty and Tips addresses that particular problem with 10 easy ways to implement healthy eating rules for maintaining your healthy weight.

“It’s a new year, which means a new me! My resolution for this year is to go on a diet – and stick to it!”

How many times have you heard someone say that? How many times have you said that? Perhaps you’re gearing up to say it again this year. It’s easy enough to decide that we’re going to start a new diet of healthy eating, and it’s easy enough to get started on the diet. But actually sticking to it? That’s the hard bit. It’s all about consistency. Those who are consistent with their choices each day will get the results they need over the long term. The results won’t be apparent straight away, however, and this is where a lot of people get disheartened. If you’re desperate to maintain a healthy weight but are finding it hard to implement rules of healthy eating and sticking to them, here are 10 healthy eating rules to solve the problem.

Discover Your Why

No one ever achieved anything in life without first knowing their Why. If someone becomes a vegetarian without a clearly defined Why, it won’t be long before they start eating meat again. It’s the same with giving up alcohol. Without a clearly defined Why, it won’t be long before someone starts drinking again. You need to know Why you’re switching to a healthier diet. What is your long term goal? Whatever your Why is, it must be strong enough for it to motivate you to keep going. Whenever you feel like giving up, think about your reason for doing this. It’s your higher purpose, and eventually quitting won’t even be something you think about anymore.

Drink Water Throughout The Day

Don’t drink much water? It’s time to implement these healthy eating rules: drink a glass of water in the morning, and another 5-6 throughout the day, including one before bed. Not only does water properly hydrate us, but it can also keep hunger at bay. When we get hungry at odd times, it’s not always because our body is craving food. It’s actually craving water but, because we get most of our water content from food, it tricks us into thinking we’re hungry.

Snack Healthily

Hey, you can still snack now that you’re being all healthy. You just need to learn how to snack healthily. Instead of sugary treats, take nuts and energy bars to work with you. Or try antioxidant-stuffed blueberries and grapes.

Take Small Steps

Going back to what we said at the start of the article, what you need to aim for here is consistency, and this can be achieved by doing things in simple, small steps. You don’t need to go cold turkey on junk food overnight. Instead, you can take your time. Here are some simple healthy eating rules: start by swapping soda for water; switch your snacks around – instead of candies at work, take nuts; make incremental but powerful adjustments and ease your way int this new diet. If the chance is too dramatic, you might find it hard to maintain.

Make Yourself Accountable To Someone Else

It’s often a lot easier to stick to something when we’ve made ourselves accountable to someone else. Perhaps post your plans and goals on Facebook. Once you know that all your friends know what your goals are, you’ll be more determined to stick to them in order to prove that you can do this, and that you’re not a flaker.

Always Eat Breakfast

New rule: Don’t skip breakfast from now on. And make sure it’s a healthy, nutritious breakfast, like oatmeal with fruit, or scrambled eggs. Eating breakfast fills you up nicely and ensures you avoid snacking throughout the morning at work.

Eat Foods You Enjoy

You can’t force yourself to stick to a new diet if you don’t even enjoy the foods. If cottage cheese makes you want to puke and celery bores the heck out of you, you’ll soon be reverting back to bad habits. It’s important that your new healthy eating regime consists of food you actually enjoy. If carrots have always been your fav vegetable, eat more carrots. If you’ve always hated broccoli, leave it out. Dress your food too, and add herbs and spices to enliven the taste.

Associate More Pleasure With Being Healthy

One of the reasons some of us find it hard to stick to a diet is that we continue to associate more pleasure with gorging on sugary treats and junk food than we do with being healthy and slim in the longer term. We’d rather eat that big bowl of nachos during a movie binge on Netflix, because we still associate too much pleasure with it. To ensure you stick to a healthy eating routine, you need to start associating more pleasure with eating the right foods and a lot more pain with eating the wrong ones. One of simple and easy to implement healthy eating rules is to focus on how good you’ll feel and how amazing you’ll look if you eat the right things. Also focus on how much harm you are doing to your body over the longer term if you continue to eat the wrong things.

Go Shopping On A Full Stomach

Easiest way to fall back on bad habits? Go shopping on an empty stomach. You’ll literally want to buy all the cakes! If you go shopping on a full stomach, you’ll be much more sensible. You’ll find that you actually stick to your shopping list, and the likes of pizza and burgers don’t seem all that appealing. It’s a really neat hack that actually works.

Plan In Advance

Another really easy way to fall back on bad habits is to not plan your weekly meals. You know what they say – fail to plan and plan to fail. To make sure you’re not caught short with nothing in the fridge on a Thursday after work except the phone number for a takeaway, always plan your meals at the start of each week.