When you are getting ready to go out on a date, it’s easy to get carried away with your makeup, because of all the excitement and the wanting to impress. Remember, though, that it’s you he was impressed enough with to ask you out, and it’s you that he wants to see on the date. You want to look good and feel great, but you also need to be yourself and feel comfortable. Date night makeup is all about looking glamorous, but still looking approachable. Here are ten makeup secrets that will help you achieve the perfect date night look.

1. Don’t try anything too dramatic

A date night really isn’t the night to try out something new, or too dramatic. You want to feel perfectly comfortable with the way that you look, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. It will be best if you keep things fairly middle of the road as well. You don’t want to scare the guy off with something that looks over the top.

2. Wear makeup that fits the occasion

Do be aware of where it is you will be going on your date when you choose your makeup style. You don’t want to be either overly glam for a picnic in the park, or under done for a night out somewhere swanky. If the date is going to be a surprise, then hedge your bets by keeping things fairy neutral and take a makeup bag with you, just in case.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliate to get that silky smooth look and freshen up your complexion, but don’t overdo the exfoliation just before you go out on your date, you don’t want red raw skin. If you are thinking of having facial before your date, then get that done several days before, so you don’t get any unwanted breakouts.

4. Prepare your base

Getting the perfect date night look begins before you apply foundation. Start by using a good primer and use a concealer where you feel you need to. If you are a bit prone to shiny skin, then using an oil free primer will help stop that happening. Getting the basic preparation steps done properly will ensure that you have a blemish free canvas in which to apply your makeup.

5. Go easy with the foundation

Most men don’t like the look of heavy foundation, so go easy and keep your makeup as natural and fresh looking as you can. You can also add a natural glow to your skin by applying a small amount of blush to the apples of cheeks to give them a rosy glow. Used sparingly, blush can brighten up your whole complexion.

6. Shape and define the brows

Your eyebrows can make a big difference to your overall look and you don’t want them to be taking centre stage for all the wrong reasons. Tidy up your brows, if they need it, but be careful not to over tweeze them, and then fill in any sparse patches with an eyebrow pencil. You can make eyebrows look more natural by running a clean mascara brush across them after you have used the eyebrow pencil.

7. Open up your eyes

Make the most of your eyes by using eyelash curler and applying mascara. Use the curler first and then start in the middle of your lashes with the mascara wand and work your way outwards to the edges. Move the wand from the base of your lashes, wiggling your way up the tips and that will help to separate the lashes.

8. Use powder to eliminate shine

A light dusting of translucent powder will help to prevent any shine and give you a bit more coverage. Dabbing it on with a makeup brush usually gets the best effect, but don’t get carried away, or it will look cakey and unnatural.

9. Get your lips right

To get your lips looking soft and kissable, exfoliate them first with some sugar mixed into some olive oil. Use fairly neutral shades of lipstick, so that it doesn’t overpower the rest of your makeup. If you are going to use lip gloss, remember that a light sheen looks a lot sexier than a gloopy mess that no one will want to kiss! Less is more.

10. Take with you what you will need for touching up your makeup

Don’t forget that you are likely to want to do a little touching up at some point in the evening, so take powder, lipstick, lip gloss and anything else that you might need. Do your makeup touch-ups in the ladies room, though, because nothing will destroy the illusion of your look being natural faster, than putting on makeup in front of your date.