It’s the sweetest thing ever when your boyfriend tells you that he’s more in love with you than ever. Sometimes, however, he won’t tell you – he’ll show you instead. Beauty and Tips takes a look at the 10 signs that your boyfriend falls in love with you more and more every day. It’s natural for anyone who is in a relationship to have insecurities that it might not last. Every now and then, we have a wobble, wondering if one day soon our man will turn around to us and tell us that he doesn’t love us as much as he used to, and that we need a break. And so we look for the little signs that tell us he’s falling out of love with us. However, we think it’s time that you started to do the opposite and instead look for the signs that tell you he’s actually falling deeper in love with you every day! He’s absolutely smitten – and here are the top 10 signs:

He Texts You First Thing In The Morning And Last Thing At Night

He never used to be so dedicated to texting every single morning before he did anything else, but these days he sends you a good morning text, as well as a good night text – without fail. He wants you to be the first person he talks to in the morning, and he wants to go to bed happy that you’re the main thing on his mind. This tells you that he’s super excited more than ever about what you guys have!

He Talks A Lot About The Future

Not only does he talk a lot about the future – but he talks wistfully about it, always with a smile on his face. The best thing? You’re in his dreams of the future. He talks about shared goals and ambitions a lot. He talks about you two getting a cute place of your own, and he imagines what you’d do – take late night strolls, cook without any clothes on and sleep in a gigantic bed. It sounds so romantic and lovely, and the fact that he keeps doing it means that he’s falling more in love with you each day. Aww. You must be awesome.

He Wants To See You At The Weekend

For all of us, our weekends are precious. But for guys they’re even more precious, because they usually mean sports, buddies and booze. However, if he’s changed his weekend schedules recently to make sure that you’re his number one priority, it’s another massive sign that he’s falling in love with more and more each day. Guys don’t give up their weekends lightly. We feel like they should prioritise us first on both Fridays and Saturdays, but most of the time we have to count ourselves lucky if we get a few hours with them on a Sunday while they nurse their hangovers. If he’s giving you free reign to join him all weekend? We think somebody can’t get enough of you!

He Makes Excuses To Text You

It’s super adorable and cute when he makes up an excuse to text or call you: “Was there something you wanted?” you ask. “Um …” There wasn’t anything specific he wanted – he just wanted to talk to you! Sometimes, he might make up the most ridiculous excuse. And while you laugh about it, you know how amazing it makes you feel. And yeah, it’s another strong sign that he’s falling in love with you more and more all the time.

He Actually Pays Attention

Isn’t it annoying when a man doesn’t pay any attention? We’re talking to him about stuff that’s important to us, while it’s clear that his mind is elsewhere. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. But if a guy is paying you an insane amount of attention and genuinely cares about what you have to say, it’s a sign that he’s falling in love with you more and more each day.

He Invites You Out With His Friends

Woah! He’s inviting you out with his friends? If you’ve ever watched Seinfeld, you’ll know all about the two worlds thing. Basically, when a guy dates a girl, he wants to keep his two worlds separate. His girlfriend lives in one world, while all his friends live in another. When the two worlds collide, his universe collapses! A guy will usually do all that he can to keep the two worlds separate, which means that if he’s actually willing to enjoin the two worlds for you, he’s totally and utterly smitten by you.

He’ll Be Right Over

Need him right this minute? He’ll be right over.

He Calls First

A lot of guys hate talking on the phone, which is one of the reasons why they never call first. Those rare occasions when they do call first? Providing they haven’t just set fire to their toaster or shrunk their underwear in the wash and need your help, it’s another sign they’re incredibly in love with us.

It’s His Mission To Make You Happy

His girls happiness is important to a guy – but you wouldn’t always know it. See, guys aren’t always pros when it comes to keeping their women happy. Sometimes, they just don’t put in the right amount of effort. When a guy is falling more and more in love with you? He’ll do all that is in his power to make you happy. He’ll read romanic bedtime stories to you, buy you flowers, make you breakfast in bed and take you away for vacations.

If this sounds like your man, it’s another sign that he’s still falling madly in love with you.

He Can’t Stand Leaving

Gosh, and we thought it was just us who hated leaving our partners, if even for just a few hours! If the thought of leaving you for a while tears him up inside, it’s another strong sign that he can’t get enough of you.